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These bias rating can be misleading to people who are listening to you which can be catastrophic in the future.

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Our outlet gives all the necessary information which helps you get the right knowledge about your local area.

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Our stories are placed in a way which can help you know the important news that requires attention.

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MIG Welder

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder Review 

The Hobart Handler 140 is a machine that brings in great value for its money, and lets you weld both thick and thin materials. It is a very versatile machine and is portable as well.

Why should you buy it?

The Hobart Handler machine is very easy to set up and allows you to get started on your work quickly. The machine is small in size so that you have the convenience of setting up wherever you want. It can run off 115v household current and is suitable for everyday use. Its best applications are on light projects and small workshop items. Its promising features include settings for both flux-cored and MIG welding, a heavy duty work clamp, safety regulators along with spare contact tips and a spool of wire.

Who Should Buy?

Who should buy this model?

This machine is one of the best plasma cutter on the market which is suitable even for beginners, since it can be set up in the span of a few minutes. The best thing about this machine is that since its very easy to use, it doesn’t require you to have too much experience or high level skills. If you’re looking for a machine to suit your household needs, this machine is ideal. If you’re intending to use this machine in a workshop, it can be used for light use, automotive jobs, household tasks, and other beginner’s projects.

buy this model


One advantage of this machine is that it is of superior build quality. It is also portable since it is light enough to be carried around. If you’re intending to work outdoors in a place away from reliable power source, investing in this machine wouldn’t be a very good idea. Although, if you have a proper source of power supply of 115 volts, you’re good to go. The machine is versatile and can be worked on a variety of materials. It can also be set up quite easily and comes with inbuilt safety features. The packaging includes a user manual which makes it easier to set up and the machine is guaranteed to deliver products of good quality. For more in-depth knowledge about the unit check out hobart handler 140 review online.



Since the machine cannot be used with generators, it doesn’t serve much purpose if you intend to work outdoors regularly, away from a secure source of power supply. The leads are also shorter than they should be, limiting their portability. Welders have also expressed difficulties in feeding the wire through the machine in a smooth manner. There are possibilities of it getting stuck easily. You also have to pay extra for gas cylinders apart from buying the machine. One last disadvantage is that this machine is unsuitable for industrial use and is more inclined towards light operational use.

5 Historical Facts About the Middle East

Today, the middle east is one of the best places in the world, especially when it comes to matters tourism. In fact, it is everyone’s dream to visit one of the Middle East countries at least once in his/ her lifetime. However, just like any other place in the world currently, the Middle East countries have history. In this article, we learn about 5 fascinating historical facts that you probably did not know about the Middle East.


  1. The Middle East Has True History

Long before the story Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon and Leif Eriksson finding America, the Roman-Syrians had “seen” what would happen in the future. According to what is arguably the first ever fantasy book, True History narrates the story of the first alien encounter that led to the establishment of a new continent in the western sides. The book continues to say that the first explorers flew to the moon from the region. This book was written by Lucian of Samosata, who was a Syrian writer, but had the full knowledge of Greek. The writer wrote parodies with the aim of mocking all the popular existing fairy tales at that time.

  1. The Discovery of Hamsters

You all know about the popular, small, cute and loveable hamsters, right? The gerbils were first discovered in Syria in 1797. In 1930, a zoologist from the University of Jerusalem caught some few Hamsters from the country with an aim of using them to conduct research. It is after the breeding of the hamsters that they delivered several labs around the world with an aim of maintaining the existence of the species. The hamsters you see today are the fortunate descendants of the breeds bred during these ancient times.

  1. Assassin’s Creed is Based on Events that Took Place in the Middle East

At this point, you have either heard or played the famous computer game known as Assassin’s Creed. If you haven’t, this is a game that revolves around war. The assassins are battling for peace and freedom while the Templar on the other hand believe in regaining peace by taking control of humanity. Well, this game is based on real events that took place in Syria between the 11th and 13th century. The battle also included the modern-day Iran.

  1. The Origin of Mocha

Mocha is a popular tasty drink that involves mixing of chocolate and coffee in its making. However, did you know that the drink originated from the Middle East? If anything, the word Mocha represents one of the ports in Yemen, which is located on the Red Sea. It’s also interesting that they have a copycat recipe for the  real Thai red curry paste.

  1. 20- Foot Mushrooms

Imagine walking through your garden, then suddenly you come across a 20-foot mushroom. That is exactly what American scientists discovered in Saudi Arabia more than a decade ago. According to studies, these mushrooms were present in the region from the ancient times. This is interesting, right?


The Middle East is famous for very many things. However, there are some historical fun facts that you probably did not know about. This article has taken you through 5 of them, but they are not limited to those.